Who Benefits

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Everyone Benefits!

Allen & Barbour loyalty programs are a win-win for grocers and shoppers. Our programs’ ease of implementation and execution allows them to quickly become part of your daily operations. This ensures you reap these great benefits very soon after launch:

  • Customer Retention
    Shoppers can be easily swayed by specials, daily schedules, etc. Once they know that every dollar they spend with you is to be rewarded, they instinctively seek to shop with you repeatedly.
  • Attract New Shoppers
    Our professional design staff creates eye-catching promotional materials in tandem with our brands themselves. This ensures you get great looking inserts, end-caps, web banners, etc. By leveraging our exclusive brands into your marketing, you can more easily persuade shoppers to come to your stores instead of a competitor’s.
  • Maximize Individual Sales
    When shoppers know that they stand to earn more rewards when they spend more, for some a natural reaction is to seek ways to “round up” their purchase to the next rewards increment. This can lead to increased sales of high-margin merchandise at POP.

In addition to your bottom line, your customers will benefit as well:

  • Free, Free, Free
    Consumers love this word. Your shoppers will see that without spending more or paying higher prices, they can be rewarded for shopping with you. This can increase their opinion of your company and emotional connection to your brand.
  • Convenience
    Our programs are incredibly easy to participate in. No lengthy paperwork or tedious tasks designed to “convince” them not to redeem for their rewards. By making the process so simple, your shoppers will be even more satisfied.
  • Quality Products
    The brands that we offer you are all recognized and well-respected. Not only will your shoppers earn free items, but they’ll earn quality free items. There is a difference, and your customers will notice and appreciate it.