How it Works

How it Works 2021-08-13T16:41:18+00:00

We Make it Easy

The potential benefits of any program or campaign depend directly upon how easy it is to begin and manage. Our Loyalty Programs have an incredibly short preparation period. Our experience and support organization make managing your program a breeze. Here is a brief overview of how it works for your shoppers:

  1. SHOP
    at your local supermarket
    the appropriate number of bonus stickers per required amount and attach the stickers to the supplied collector card
  3. SAVE
    the required amount of filled collector cards
    customers present their collector card(s) and matching display item(s) at the checkout counter.

This process is smooth and hassle-free thanks to everything we supply each of your stores with:

  • End-Cap Display
    We supply all materials for each of your stores to have an end-cap display. This display includes signage (both promotional and instructional) and sample products, all presented in a professional manner consistent with your store.
  • Collector Cards
    Each store will receive an initial allocation of collector cards. These cards will allow customers to save and collect their bonus stickers. It is important to supply all checkout lanes, customer service areas and displays with collector cards. Cashiers should also give them out during the first few weeks of the program and be able to explain how the program works. If a customer does not have one of these cards, then they are unable to participate.
  • Bonus Stickers
    These stickers, the key instrument of the program, are labeled specifically by color. Bonus stickers should be issued from all checkout areas. They should not be redeemed for gift cards purchases, phone cards, postage stamps, money orders, fuel purchases, or the lottery.
  • Control of Bonus Stickers
    Bonus stickers are supplied in rolls or pads. The stickers should be controlled by the cashier at all times.